CATEGORY: Shingles Replacment

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Omaha,  NE 68127

We repair, replace, inspect and maintain residential and commercial roofs. That includes: Asphalt shingles, wood shake, metal shingles and panels, asbestos tile, slate, concrete or clay tile, attic ventilation, attic insulation and roof certifications. Our roof inspection include: the roof covering inspection and attic analysis. During the attic analysis we visually inspect the attic, calculate the proper amount of ventilation and insulation that should be present, take temperture and humidity readings and take thermal scans of the attic space. We do that to make sure the attic space is functioning properly. All asphalt shingle warranties are void if the attic is not vented correctly. This is why we give the attic extra attention. I would also like to stress that we REPAIR roofs as well and we give a leak free guarantee on all of our repairs. We can find any leak, fix it and guarantee it won't leak again! BBB A+ rating